Monday, 29 August 2016

Refurbish nameplates

Refurbish the Storebro Commander nameplates.

The nameplates are manufactured by using a router, carving out the characters/lines, and then the entire plate is painted with a white paint. After that they are sanded so that the white colour only remains in the characters/lines and then afterwards the plate is finished with several coats of clear varnish. The problem is that the sharp edge between the characters and the surface makes that the varnish doesn't becomes thick enough, because of the surface tension. After some years the varnish cracks, at the sharp edges, and the moist raises the varnish and
You have a problem.

Removing, sanding away, the old varnish from the surface was made by the guys at Inredo, who have the right tools. I removed the varnish at the edges of the plates by a hot air gun, spatula and sandpaper.

The only way to make the varnish last longer is to is to round off all the sharp edges. This was made by a mini drill and sandpaper

After sanding the plates, 340 grit, they where stained with Internationals mahogany stain in 3 layers.

The first picture shows the difference with no tint and one treatment with tint.

Then the final touch with 16 layers of clear car varnish was made by JSA Lack, and it looks even better in real life than on the picture

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