Friday, 11 August 2017

OpenPlotter, NMEA data TO file

             Updated 2017-08-14

Sometimes You want to "take home" Your latest trip on sea and "replay" it or replay it doing some changes in the settings for the OpenPlotter or OpenCPN applikation and se the result direct.

One way is to create log files with the the "raw" NMEA data and then use them at home with tips from this post.

Creating log files from NMEA 2000 bus, N2K, is the most straightforward.

Check what name Your CAN usb interface have. One way doing it is reading the log from auto setup found in "OP=> Tools => Auto Setup"

Open Terminal and just type the following with Your CAN usb name

actisense-serial -r /dev/ttyUSB0 > N2K_2017-08-08.txt

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Volvo Penta NMEA 2000 Gateway

          Updated 2017-11-24

It's always nice to have ALL information at the same place, navigator/plotter, when You are out with the boat. 

What could be missing is the engine information/data. If You have a Volvo Penta from 2006 or later it could be pretty easy.

Volvo Penta has it's own 22813366, 3889758
Raymarine ECI-100
Maretron J2K100

and so on.

But there is a pretty new one from Yacth Devices, YD, which is OK priced, NMEA certified, having galvanic isolation between the interfaces and some additional features compared to the above mentioned. 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

OpenPlotter USB sensors install

Updated 2018-06-26!

If You started with my quick instal guide You are a little familiar with OpenPlotter, (OP), basics and now we proceed with the sensors. Don't forget to delete the RMC sentence from the "NMEA 0183 generator" which we used.

Link to a stand alone AIS receiver.

Prior V 1.x.x In OP there is clever function that attempts to auto detect the connected USB devices This function auto starts until You uncheck the "setup autostart on every boot". If You want to start this manually it is found in OP=> Tools => Auto Setup. Please note that just USB serial devices will be listed. If You connect a SDR-USB for AIS reception it will not show in the "USB manager" because it s not a serial device.

Read the log from auto setup and check what have happened and then open the "USB manager" tab. If the USB-devices don't show up but are found You have to add them manually according to the instructions.