Saturday, 8 October 2016

Z-Wave on Raspberry PI

Installing a Z-Wave controller on Raspberry Pi is much easier than You think.

The only add on You need is the Razberry Daughter Card and free software from the same site

I started up with a clean SD card with the latest version of Rasbian Jessie Lite and the  Razberry card mounted

From my Mac and the app Terminal I logged on to the RPi with ssh and then installed the application

$ wget -q -O - | sudo bash

(Please note that You use the same command when upgrading to e newer release !)

After the installation is finished look some rows up in the log and find the text

Your user id: 12345
Your password: secret

write this down, because if You want remote access it's necessary, and reboot the RPi

$ sudo reboot

The WEB user interface is located on port 8083 so in my case I used the URL

Then You will see the logon screen with the user "admin" prompted.
Just chose a password and then Your ready to set up the system

The best instructions are available at the Razberry site

The expert interface is located at

If You want use Remote access and/or Remote support got to

and use the user id and password from the installation log.

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