Tuesday, 11 May 2021

NTP server on Raspberry & Linux(Offline)

The use case, creating an offline NTP, was that I'm on our boat sometimes don't have an Internet connection but always have a connected GPS which updates time on a Raspberry(RPi) running Signal K.

The actual issue is that there are other devices on the LAN that needs to be updated and then you have to set up an NTP server.

Of course this setup is also valid for a RPi/server, with a RTC, acting as a NTP server in an isolated LAN.  

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Teltonika router RUT 240 quick setup

My old boat/travel WiFi router didn't behave so I was forced to look for a new one.

Must functions in short;

  • Built in SIM 4G/LTE capabilities
  • WAN failover
  • LAN WiFi with DHCP
  • Powered with 12V DC
  • Bridge public WiFi:s, or my phone, to LAN

I did a lot of Googling and ended up with Teletonika RUT 240(TR).....

This post will cover a setup summary for the RUT 240 model, but it's useable for other Teltonika models too since they have a common code base.

Thursday, 1 April 2021

TP-Link Deco M9 V2 Plus software update

Updated 2021-04-01 !

TP-link Deco M9 is a nice Mesh solution but it could be that the software/firmware is dated 2019. This is an old one and you really shall update ! Probably you can't update via the TP-link Deco app and therefore you have to make some extra measures updating via a Mac/Windows program.

In a former post I gave some hints and links if you are using an ethernet backhaul. 

Monday, 22 March 2021

Wordpress with PHP Everywhere

Sometimes you have to handle things in Wordpress that you can't find any plugin for.

In our case I had to visualize a list from a MySQL database and in another case I had to fetch data from another website.

In both cases I solved it with inserted PHP code which is executing and getting the info.

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Victron VE.Direct with Raspberry Pi/Signal K

Updated 2021-03-14 !

During my update of the cables going from the batteries, to the distribution panel and engines, I stumbled over the Victron SmartShunt(VSS). We had a 15 year old Mastervolt battery monitor but it didn't feel "true" and it wasn't at the right place in the boat. So instead of moving the old shunt we bought a VSS. 

Saturday, 13 March 2021

SignalK switch with NodeRed and WilhelmSK

Updated 2021-03-13 !

Here I'm trying to do the "ultimate" SignalK switch blog post including(no N2K)
  • Shelly 1 as the hardware switch
  • NodeRed as the function engine
  • NodeRed dashboard as input/output interface
  • WilhelmSK as input/output, check picture
  • A http endpoint as state sensing
The post is ment to be a template where you can pick the parts which are right for your setup.

Monday, 1 March 2021

OpenPlotter V2, install guide

Updated 2021-03-01 !

OpenPlotter, a Boat Navigation application, is really a nice and simple installation of
and other supporting programs for Your boat.

Please note ! I'm doing a new series of posts, using OpenCPN 5.2 +, with a more detailed information of the functions and the installations.

OP now have suport for other Linux OS  then Raspberry Pi OS !!

Friday, 26 February 2021

NMEA WiFi gateway


Updated 2021-02-26 !

I have searched for a solution transmitting the NMEA data, from the navigation network, via WiFi, to for example iSailor or other Tablet/Phone applications.

Most of these applications just accepts NMEA0183(N1) but many boats are also using SeaTalk 1(ST1) and NMEA2000(N2K).

This post will cover, kept compact, my best findings covering both a DIY and a commercial approach to handle the different protocols.

Monday, 15 February 2021

Raspberry Pi measuring Voltage

I'm always a little confused that as soon as someone wants to get an analog measure to a Raspberry Pi(RPi) they are often taking a detour via an Arduino/ESP or some other microcontroller. 

Why not just take an Arduino peripheral and use it together with a RPi ? 

In my case I needed to measure the voltage across a fresh water tank level sensor in our boat, but i could be any DC voltage. Hints for sending the data to a Signal K(SK) server is found below. 

In this post I will use an ADS 1115(AD), or ADS 1015, as AD converter.

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Raspberry Pi OS install with Mac/Windows/Linux

Updated 2021-02-13 !

When starting up a new project with Raspberry Pi I like to start up fresh and with a minimal OS. 
Therefore i always use Raspberry Pi OS Lite. 

Doing it right You don't have to use an external display, keybord and mouse, just a "sshclient.

Here You find a post with headless WiFi install.

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Homebridge made simple, Homebridge

Updated 2021-02-10 !

HomeBridge(HB) is the software where You make Your home automation devices appear in the Apple Home App as native products. In this post a Raspberry Pi is used as the HB server.

There has really been big improvements in the installation process and I think the latest  HB version is even better/easier than HOOBS.

Migrate from HOOBS ?! Link

Thursday, 28 January 2021

AIS receiver with OpenSeaMap

Updated 2021-01-28 !

The AIS posts on this blog have been very popular so this post will be a follow up which will enable You to show AIS targets, including AtoN:s, on OpenSeaMap, (OSM), together with buoys and beacons.

The application showing the map is SignalK, (SK) a OpenSource project for marine use. 

Need an AIS-dispatcher ? Forwarding the AIS data somewhere. 

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Z-Wave on Raspberry PI

Updated 2021-01-05 !

Installing a Z-Wave controller on Raspberry Pi is much easier than You think.

The only add on You need is the Razberry Daughter Card and free software from the same site

Friday, 1 January 2021

Scanner GUI with NodeRed

In a former post I installed CUPS printer software for a Cannon printer. The scanning functionality is supported by the package SANE. But there is no nice GUI for the scanning function so I made one, with NodeRed(NR), which I really think is "wife" enabled.

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Homebridge, retrieve accessories information & status

Having Homebridge(HB) up and running it's simple to retrieve and visualize status or measurements from accessories.

For example I'm using the Aeotec MultiSensor 6,(AM6), via the z-way plugin, where I'm sensing the light level. Since Im living in northern Europe it's not very accurate to switch the indoor lightning by sun-rise/set. So instead I'm using the AM6 together with the EVE app to switch the lightning. 

To visualize the measured values over time I'm using NodeRed(NR) and a HomeBridge plugin

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Free Gmail mail merge with Sheets

There are several mail merges applications where you can merge information from Google:s "Sheets"(GS), but not so may free ones that are good.

The point using mail merge is that you can personalize your outgoing mails and you will fore sure get a better response rate.  

There should also be said that if you are having a free Gmail account you are limited to 100 outgoing mails per 24 hours.

The first application, free !, handles the merge via a GS with a built in JavaScript macro and in the second application, 25 free mails per 24 hours(limit in app), the merge is done via an installed GS add-on with many nice functions.

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Shelly 1 quick install

Updated 2020-12-02 !

This post focus on Shelly 1(S1), a really a nice automation device with great versatility, but much of the content is also valid for some of Shellys other devices.

S1 is a WiFi switch, 16 Amps, but also a hub for temperature sensors

With a great software package pre installed You probably don't need anything more, but since it is an ESP8266 You can also flash it with Your own/other software.

The function "without Internet" + that the S1 can use a 12V DC source makes it perfect for an "use case" in a boat/mobile home.

It's compatible with Alexa, Google or HomeKit using HomeBridge or Mongoose firmware 

Friday, 27 November 2020

Speedtest LAN and Internet/WAN

Sometimes I'm a little confused if it's the local network that is the bottleneck or if the ISP, Internet Service Provider, is slow.

In a former post I used 2 applikations to get the information, from both the local LAN and Internet, but on the other hand it maybe hade been nice with a more lightweight approach. 

From this post I got inspiration and discovered a nice little application "iperf3" which is available for several OS.

There is also a free iOS app, client, which uses the same application, check picture and there seems to be some Google Play apps as well.

Monday, 23 November 2020

MySQL and NodeRed

Sometimes the syntax for the Javascript in Node-Red is a little hard to get, despite some Googling. This was evident when i tried the run the "node-red-node-mysql" node inserting data in a MySQL database.

Also timestamps in different environments are a little complicated.

So this post will cover both areas with some code examples done on a Raspberry Pi.

There are many "how to" installing MySQL but I followed this where you also get links to additional software as phpMyAdmin.

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Eniro charts using SignalK & Freeboard

Do you know about the SignalK workspace at Slack ? It's a really nice space where you could meet the developers and also get support.

If you don't are active there you can get an invite filling in your e-mail adress at

I'm following the dialog on Slack and for some weeks ago I stumbled over a post from @chris saying that you could get, with internet connection, the online charts from Eniro displayed in Freeboard. As you see in the picture it's just for the Nordic countries.

You just have to install a plugin and add the URL pointing at Eniro.

Thursday, 12 November 2020

RPi, Clone the Raspberry boot disk

Updated 2020-11-12 !

A very nice way to fix a backup is to make a copy, bootable, of the actual SD card You are using on the RPi. This will be done when the RPi is up and running !

This application can also be used to make a bootable SSD or USB drive !!

You clone from the command line so You don't need the standard GUI, Pixel, and the SD card copy function.

It is also possible to set up a cronjob, explained later, which for example makes a clone every night at 1 o'clock.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Raspberry/Linux print server Windows/Apple

When we upgraded our WiFi to a Mesh solution, TP-link Deco M9, our old printer, WiFi connected, didn't want to "play" with us anymore. This was due to stronger encryption which wasn't supported. Since the printer just have WiFi or USB connection, no standard Ethernet, I was looking for another solution.

We have no computer running 24/7 except a Raspberry Pi, RPi, which is handling our home automation, Homebridge. So the solution was to use CUPS on that RPi.

On the web there are several posts/manuals how to install CUPS on a RPi so this post will refer to one of these and then some additional hints regarding, Apple AirPrint, Windows Network Printer, scanning....

Monday, 2 November 2020

Raspberry Pi OS Lite with GUI, RDP, VNC, Chrome

Updated 2020-11-02 !

I like the Raspberry Pi(RPi), with Raspberry Pi OS Lite (no Desktop is included), headless operation, and then adding the software You need. Until now I haven't had a use case where I needed a Desktop but now was time. 

You maybe wonder, why don't use the Raspberry Pi OS with Desktop ?? In that package there is a lot of software I don't need and I really want to optimize the RPi. I think that the less software You install the happier RPi will be. ;-)

Sunday, 25 October 2020

IKEA Bäve dimmer hack II

Updated 2020-10-25 !

Dimming not dimmable LED, IKEA Bäve

In former post I used a Fibaro Z-Wave RGBW controller but in this post I will use an IKEA original !

Other HomeKit posts                  on this Blogg

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Samba, RPi as Windows file/print server

Updated 2020-10-22 !

If You want that the Raspberry Pi, RPi, shall appear in MS Explorer or Mac Finder, as a File server, the easiest way is to install Samba.

This also makes it much easier if You want to edit files on the RPi with editors from Your MS/Apple device. Or maybe moving files from/to the RPi.