September 13, 2023

Remote access,, made simple

Sometimes it's really nice to reach your applications at home when you are somewhere else. 

There are several applications but this post will be describe a really quick setup with on a Raspberry Pi(RPi) or another Linux platform. Of course there also is a Windows version.

For non-commercial use, with up to 5 devices, it's free !

The most used services are; http, ssh, vnc, rdp, SAMBA(smb/cifs) .....

I'm using it to display my NodeRed dashboard, access my RPi:s with "ssh" and file sharing with SAMBA. All applications are running on RPi:s at home.

August 27, 2023

Apple HomeKit doing Matter upgrade with Hombridge

Matter is the the new standard making your smart home devices talking to each other and some Apple Home hubs can be updated.

There is a nice article from "The Verge" which explains it all.

Using Homebridge(HB) it could be nice to know what happens when you upgrade your HomeKit hub to the new standard so his post will just give some quick tips

Here is a support article from Apple and please note that if you upgrade you will not be able to use an iPad as a Home hub anymore.

August 10, 2023

Optimizing your energy, electricity, bill. NodeRed !

In this post I will give some thoughts, high level, and methods for matching the hourly prices from your energy supplier.

I will also list some gadgets and by using NodeRedget the data, visualize it and control the consumption.

So in that perspective there are some needed prerequisites.....

August 01, 2023

SeaTalk1 to NMEA 0183 converter, DIY

Updated 2023-08-01 !

Thanks to Thomas, (the guy with the nice marine interface board)it's now possible to decode, one way, the SeaTalk1(ST1) sentences in a pretty simple way. You just use OpenPlotter(OP) and/or SignalK(SK) and an Optocoupler.

The thing that made it, is that Thomas has released a "how to" and Python source code, that will read the data from a GPIO pin on the Raspberry Pi, (RPi), and format it so the standard parser in SignalK can translate it to SignalK delta format. It is then available as NMEA 0183. It's even possible to send the data in to a NMEA 2000 network, with a proper hardware interface.

July 12, 2023

TP-Link Deco M9 V2 Plus software update

Updated 2023-07-12 !

TP-link Deco M9(M9) is a nice Mesh solution but it could be that the software/firmware is dated 2019. This is an old one and you really shall update ! Probably you can't update via the TP-link Deco app and therefore you have to make some extra measures updating via a Mac/Windows program.

In a former post I gave some hints and links if you are using an ethernet backhaul, using access point mode, and please check below how to set up without a router and manage more than one network.

July 05, 2023

Teltonika router as security, burglar, alarm !

The use case was that we on our yacht have a security alarm which is using 2 G, service terminating during 2024 ?, so it was time to check for some other solution. 

Since several years we have used the very nice Teltonika RUT 240(TR) onboard which have served us very well. Knowing that this device have both a digital in and out I started to check if it could do the job ?? 

Googling didn't give any direct clues but the "Input/Output" handling together with "Profiles" changed with a SMS, "Mobile Utilities", is doing the job.

Please note that this setup could be done with any of the routers from Teltonika with I/O !!

July 04, 2023

OpenPlotter V3, install guide

Updated 2023-07-04 !

OpenPlotter(OP), a Boat Navigation application, is really a nice and simple installation of
and other supporting applications for Your boat.

An overall information about the OP package is found here.

June 30, 2023

Teltonika router as security, burglar, alarm

This post is made for test purposes and issues with Google indexing

The "real" post is found here !!

The use case was that we on our yacht have a security alarm which is using 2 G, service terminating during 2024 ?, so it was time to check for some other solution...........

June 22, 2023

NMEA WiFi gateway


Updated 2023-06-22 !

I have searched for a solution transmitting the NMEA data, from the navigation network, via WiFi, to for example iSailor or other Tablet/Phone applications.

Most of these applications just accepts NMEA0183(N1) but many boats are also using SeaTalk 1(ST1) and NMEA2000(N2K).

This post will cover, kept compact, my best findings covering both a DIY and a commercial approach to handle the different protocols.

June 12, 2023

Bootable installer for "any" MAC OS, II

In a former post I used a nice Python program to get the installers but as you know there are no Python installed in later Mac OS.

The program used in this post is the fantastic Open Core Legacy Patcher. (No Python dependencies.) This patcher is made for supporting old Mac:s with new OS:s, which is not officially supported, but here we just use it for getting the USB installer.