Saturday, 26 November 2016

Samba, RPi as Windows file server

             Updated 2017-11-21

If You want that the Raspberry Pi, RPi, shall appear in MS Explorer or Mac Finder, as a File server, the easiest way is to install Samba.

This also makes it much easier if You want to edit files on the RPi with editors from Your MS/Apple device. Or maybe moving files from/to the RPi.

Log on to the RPi and install Samba

$ sudo apt-get install samba samba-common-bin

Edit the Samba configuration file so that You have more than "Read Only" rights.

$ sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

Friday, 25 November 2016

HomeKit, Z-Wave, Telldus Live

If You want to use one  Raspberry Pi to:

  • Emulating the HomeKit protocol, so Your home automation devices appear in the Apple Home App
  • Being the Z-Wave controller with the Razberry Daughter Card
  • HomeKit enable Your Z-Wave devices
  • HomeKit enable Your devices registered at Telldus Live 
It's no problem, just follow the links below

Z-Wave controller installation
HomeKit bridge for Z-Wave
HomeKit bridge for Telldus Live (Where You skip the Homebridge part)

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thunderbolt cable replacement

The 27" Thunderbolt Display, part number A1407, is connected to my MacBook Air and sometimes the display is going black.

After some Googling I found that other people have had the same problem and the issue is that the Thunderbolt cable is defect.

The thing is always to get the right spare part number which is 922-994

So after a search on Ebay I ordered one from China which after a month was delivered for ,17€ including shipping !!

Some hints to exchange the cable is to follow the relevant parts of these instructions on IFIXIT

I bought suctions cups from Biltema to lift the the glas screen which is attached with magnets

Sunday, 13 November 2016

HomeKit for Telldus Live

     Updated 2017-10-24

Please note that as per 2017-10-22 the Telldus plugin is updated to V1.x and demands Node 8.3 or greater. Upgrade tips of Node from 6.x.x to 8.x.x is found hereThe new version can also "talk" direct to a TellStick ZNet Lite.

Do You have Telldus devices up and running and want them to be visible and used in Apples Home app ?

Another thought is that there are not so many native devices available for Apples HomeKit and also why throw away all the devices You have integrated with Your Telldus controller when they can appear in the HomeKit environment ?

If You have Z-wave products there is a parallel solution found in this post.

If You have both Z-wave and Telldus devices at home there is no problem running them at the same time, on the same Raspberry Pi, RPi, and also together with native devices.

Out there on the web there are several smart guys who seems to think the same and are very great in programming. So they have fixed applications running on RPi which emulates a HomeKit device and on the same time bridges the functions to Telldus live registered devices.

And now over to the software and installation which assumes that You have a RPi up and running with Debian or want to start up fresh

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Empty the water system

Empty the fresh water system with compressed air !!

One of the things, when You head back to land with the boat, is to empty the fresh water system. I have got several instructions/tips over the years but the best advise I got is to empty the pipework with compressed air.

Some time ago I bought a handy Stanly compressor from Jula. Just below 10 Kg in weight including a 6 liter tank. Nice for smaller works

So how do You connect the compressor to the pipe works ?
On our boat the pipework is made with Whale System 15 so I built an adaptor with;
  • 1 meter Whale 15 tube
  • Standard connector with 3/8"
  • 3/8" adaptor from the Whale 15 system
So now it is very simple to just disconnect the pump from the system and instead connect, via the adaptor, the compressor to the pipe works.

Now its just to start the compressor and go around in the boat and open the taps one by one so all the water goes away.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Find Your Car with iPhone

Have You ever felt lost, coming out from a shopping mall and just wondering;

Where the heck did I leave my car ???

If Your iPhone is connected to Your car with Bluetooth the problem is solved.

Apple have had a brainstorming so just follow the advice in this support information.

How to find your parked car with Maps on your iPhone

and You are all safe.

Monday, 7 November 2016

LK System, Floor heating

Do You use a floor heating system from LK Systems ?

We had a problem that in some rooms, despite that the thermostat worked, the temperature was to high.

To check if it was the valve, or something else, I just took away the actuator and forced the valve to be closed. Cable ties did the work.

The valve was OK so what was the problem ?

After some Googling i found that the actuator LK A4104 is of type NO, that is Normally Open. This means that if the controller or he actuator fails the valve will be left in the open state, the room will be warm.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Two Factor Authentication on old ATV

If You activated Two Factor Authentication, 2FA, on Your devices it could be that Your old Apple TV 2 or 3 after some time wants to be in the same "club".
Two weeks after I activated 2FA for my other devices, my ATV 2 demanded the code for 2FA?? I tried to log on to the ATV2 with my iCloud password but didn't succeed.

In the same article mentioned above, there is info for devices running older software.

"Then type your password followed by the six-digit verification code directly into the password field."

Monday, 17 October 2016

Unboxing EVE HomeKit products

Since the HomeKit app, Home, for iOS was shipped with iOS 10 it was time to check its possibilities.

After some checking the products from Elgatos Eve seemed to be a way to start. They also have a free App which I like. The disadvantage is that they are Bluetooth devices with a limited range and therefore have to be pretty close to an Apple TV.

I started up with the Eve Room, indoor sensor, and Eve Energy, switch and power meter, and the Apple TV 4 as Home hub.

Apple have god instructions here and there, read them, but first update the firmware of the accessories, in this case via the Elgato Eve app, otherwise the Home app will probably not recognise them.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

HomeKit bridge for Z-Wave

Updated 2017-10-25 !

For the moment there are not so many devices available for Apples HomeKit and the devices are Bluetooth, BLE, or WiFi connected so it could be a limited range in Your house.

The Z-Wave solution have a smarter setup running on a type of network called a "mesh network". One Z-Wave product will pass the signal along to another (“hop”) until the final destination is reached. Every device in your home acts as a messenger; the more devices you have, the more powerful and strong your network is.

Also important is the they have a lot of different devices available.

On the other hand I like the Apple solution where You for example can switch on the light in the bedrom whith Siri.  So how to combine them ? 

Out there on the web there are several smart guys who seems to think the same and are very great in programming. So they have fixed applications running on Rasberry Pi which emulates a HomeKit device and on the same time bridges the functions to Z-Wave products.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Z-Wave on Raspberry PI

Installing a Z-Wave controller on Raspberry Pi is much easier than You think.

The only add on You need is the Razberry Daughter Card and free software from the same site

I started up with a clean SD card with the latest version of Rasbian Jessie Lite and the  Razberry card mounted

From my Mac and the app Terminal I logged on to the RPi with ssh and then installed the application

$ wget -q -O - | sudo bash

(Please note that You use the same command when upgrading to e newer release !)

After the installation is finished look some rows up in the log and find the text

Your user id: 12345
Your password: secret

write this down, because if You want remote access it's necessary, and reboot the RPi

$ sudo reboot

The WEB user interface is located on port 8083 so in my case I used the URL

Then You will see the logon screen with the user "admin" prompted.
Just chose a password and then Your ready to set up the system

The best instructions are available at the Razberry site

The expert interface is located at

If You want use Remote access and/or Remote support got to

and use the user id and password from the installation log.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Secure Your Apple ID

The big thing is that if You follow the setup on the Apple link below You can limit the access to Your Apple account to only trusted devices.

So even if a Hacker have both Your Apple ID and password it is not enough to access Your account.

Two-factor authentication for Apple ID

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Blocking address change

If You missed it, and live in Sweden  !

Now You can block unauthorised address change using Skatteverkets website. Just log on using some electronic identification and then register. After this registration its only possible to change Your address, when moving in the future, using electronic identification.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Dishwasher servicecode 60

The PCB is mounted just below the buttons
Our Husqvarna dishwasher QB 6221 stoped working and displayed the servicecode 60. The washer stops dishing and the pump empties the washer.

After some Googling I found some Guys who have had the same problem and it indicates overheating. It also seems that many modells from both Husqvarna and Electrolux shares the same control electronics.

So after some checking it was clear that the relay have burned and is continusly closed. The relay seems to aktivate the heater and therfore the overheating problem.

The burnt relay
In a former project I used a 12V relay from Kjell&Company (item no 36 102) and the electrical specifikation was similar to the relay mounted. To my great suprice it even fitted to the PCB with the right pin-out

So after the change of relay the washer now have been working for 2 weeks.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Reclosable Fastener, Velcro

I think there is many people like me that don't like to make new holes in their boat, so 3M have made a fantastic solution, Dual Lock, that in many use cases solves the problem.

Its a type of Velcro but there is no male/female part. Both parts are same

Many of the interior panels in our boat is attached with this fastener.

One application was that we wanted to hang the nice George Jensen gauges on the bulkhead/wall but, as said, didn't want to make any new screw holes. The solution was to make a mahogany plate with the screws and then attach the plate with Dual lock to the wall. In order to have the plate close to the wall a cavity was made on the backside of the plate. The cavity was made with a router.

The nameplates are also attached to the boat with Dual Lock


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Creating HTML mail, Mac

Creating fancy HTML mail with Mac

Sometimes You really want to send out a fancy mail that hopefully receives by different operative systems and hardware in a similar way.

  • Start with editing Your source in Your favourite editor, could be MS Word, and then save it as WEB page/HTML. 
  • Then right click on it and open it with Safari. 
  • In Safari, File - Share - Mail contents of this page.
  • This opens up Mac Mail. 
  • In Mac Mail be sure  "Send Web Content" is set to "Web Page"
  • Enter the recipients and click Send

In Word it is simple to edit pictures and even add weblinks to pictures and text. This editing will "transfered" all the way to the mail.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Refurbish nameplates

Refurbish the Storebro Commander nameplates.

The nameplates are manufactured by using a router, carving out the characters/lines, and then the entire plate is painted with a white paint. After that they are sanded so that the white colour only remains in the characters/lines and then afterwards the plate is finished with several coats of clear varnish. The problem is that the sharp edge between the characters and the surface makes that the varnish doesn't becomes thick enough, because of the surface tension. After some years the varnish cracks, at the sharp edges, and the moist raises the varnish and
You have a problem.

Removing, sanding away, the old varnish from the surface was made by the guys at Inredo, who have the right tools. I removed the varnish at the edges of the plates by a hot air gun, spatula and sandpaper.

The only way to make the varnish last longer is to is to round off all the sharp edges. This was made by a mini drill and sandpaper

After sanding the plates, 340 grit, they where stained with Internationals mahogany stain in 3 layers.

The first picture shows the difference with no tint and one treatment with tint.

Then the final touch with 16 layers of clear car varnish was made by JSA Lack, and it looks even better in real life than on the picture

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Hinge Jabsco toilet

Replacing hinge for Jabsco toilet, 37045-1092, lid

Sometimes it's easy maintenance, but the hardest thing is to find the right parts. After some Googling I found the part at Hjertmans with the Jabsco sparepart number 29098-2000

Monday, 15 August 2016

ST NG software update

Updating the software for the ST1 to ST NG converter, Raymarine E22158
The easiest way to find the right software is to visit -Support -Software updates 
And for this case then -Networking -Seatalk NG converter
Since we have an E 120 just I click on the link for E series Classic and the software will be downloaded.
Open up the folder where the software "landed"

and just move the to files, A713_201.PKG och autorun.dob to an empty CompactFlash Card and then the instructions from Raymarine
  1. Power OFF the MFD.
  2. Please make sure SeaTalkNG is connected to both the product to be upgraded, and the MASTER Multifunction Display (MFD), and that all are powered before starting the update procedure.
  3. Insert the CF memory card containing the PKG product software update file, and the relevant Autorun file/s into the MFD’s memory card reader.
  4. Power ON the MFD.
  5. After the MFD has booted to its Raymarine Software Upgrade Utility screen, select the software upgrade package from the Upgrade Packages Available list.
  6. Press the UPGRADE REMOTE UNIT function key.
  7. Press the UPGRADE REMOTE UNIT ON ST2 (It may also say STNG depending on the current version of software you are using).
  8. Use the Trackpad to highlight the unit you wish to update and press the UPGRADE UNIT softkey.
  9. When the progress indicator's Overall bar reaches 100%, the Device's software will have been upgraded.
  10. Remove the CF memory card from the MFD's memory card reader.
  11. Power cycle the whole system.
The picture is showing the first screen when booting up with the upgrade flash card inserted.

After the upgrade it is easy to confirm, in my case via the Garmin display, that the update is OK, which is shown at right in the picture

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Soap dispenser

Swap from toothbrush holder to soap dispenser

We really missed soap dispensers, in both toilets, when we bought the boat and thought that a tooth brush holder, mounted at delivery, isn't mandatory.

So after some investigation we found the Smedbo HK370 which solved the problem and also cover the old holes for the tooth brush holder.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

NMEA2000 GPS added

Adding a NMEA2000 GPS and add an additional cable to E120

So what happens when You add a NMEA2000, N2K, GPS to the network ?

Nothing much actually. No conflicts. The E120 is still "hocked" on the old Raymaring RS125 GPS and the Garmin GMI 10/20 shows the info from the new NME2000 GPS with some additional data compared to the old GPS.

The chosen GP:s is Garmin GPS 17X because it was on sale for just 20 €.  It is mounted behind the instrument panel.

The picture shows the GPS at the right and the ST converter in the upper part

I also pick up the N2K data from the two Volvo Penta D6, 2006, and display this info on the E120:s. After a dialogue with Raymarine the only way to do this is to attach the Seatalk 2, ST2, interface on the E120, to the N2K network. Neither the NMEA0183 nor the ST1 interface supports this engine messages.

So for this update I also purchased a Mareton cabel MARE-005 which is specially made for this purpose.

Link to the updated N2K network.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Berker outlet lid

Improving the looks with a lid

The boat is equipped with Berker Minikombi outlets/switches. These are not sold anymore but the series Berker Integro Flow fits.

So to improve the looks at the helm I purchased a Berker lid with hinge to cover the 12V outlet. Much better looking, right ?

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Network diagrams

Network diagrams Seatalk 1, Seatalk HS, NMEA0183, NMEA2000

To get en idea how the network is configured please find the links below

The diagrams are divided into a Raymarine part, Seatalk/NMEA0183, and a Garmin part, NMEA2000

The respective diagram is vertically divided in 3 parts depending on location.
Helm, tecnical storage room and flying bridge

Boat network ST1, NMEA0183, ST HS

Boat network NMEA2000

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Seatalk 1 and NMEA2000

Raymarine Seatalk 1 and NMEA200 combined

The boat was delivered, 2006, with just Raymarine equipment with the network Seatalk 1, ST1, and some NMEA0183. My wish is to update and supplement with NMEA2000, N2K, from Garmin which I used on our last boat. Especially supplement cause You don’t just throw away two well functioning Raymarine 12”, E120, and a radar. In addition, for Navigation purposes, we use the iPad app iSailor that gets better and better.

The easy way to combine the two networks is to use the Raymarine Seatalk 1 to Seatalk NG converter, Raymarine E22158. Seatalk NG and N2K is the same protocol, with some dialectal differences, but have different cabling. The converter works in both directions. ST1 messages is converted to N2K and vice versa.

A post for updating the software for the Raymarine Seatalk 1 to Seatalk NG converter is found here.

The first test to this approach was to swap the mounted Raymarin Bidata ST 30 instrument to a Garmin GMI 10 N2K display (Really bought to our old boat but never mounted). The Garmin display was mounted in the same hole as the Bidata instrument but the Bidata instrument was still connected to the ST network due to that it receives depth and speed information which is distributed to the network. It was just hidden behind the instrumentpanel.

The power to the N2K network is supplied via the ST1 network.

The picture shows the GMI 10, well-functioning, and mounted in instrumentpanel. It also shows the newer GMI 20 for comparison.

The cable for connecting the converter to the ST 1 network is supplied with converter kit but an additional kabel was purchased connecting the converter to the N2K network, Raymarine A06046

Monday, 8 August 2016

Streaming to an old car stero

Streaming audio from a device with 3,5 mm earphone jack to an old car stereo

The boat was delivered with 2 Alpine Radio CDE-9848RB. One in the deck saloon and one in the master cabin. Its a god radio but sorry to say it lacks both bluetooth and aux input.

So for streaming audio to these a use a Linocell FM transmitter from Kjell & Company

Linocell at Kjell & Company

Just charge the transmitter, select a frequency on the transmitter and match it on the radio, plug it to Your device and stream

Sunday, 7 August 2016

USB charger

The boat is equipped with Berker switches and sockets. In the master cabin the outlets in the picture are placed at the end of the bed so its a god place to charge a mobile phone. You could use a charger with the cigarett socket but its nicer with a USB outlet

One way is to use the original Berker but it is both pretty expensive, just outputs 1 Ampere and have only one output.

Link to one supplier, SVB

The other way is to by a USB outlet, art no 43-221, from Biltema, or similar shop.

Link to supplier Biltema

Its cheap, just 7€, outputs 2,1 Ampere and have 2 outlets.

Dismantle the socket from the wall and take away the steel cylinder. Expand the hole with a rasp so the new USB socket fits and mount it to the frame. Attach the cables and mount the charger to the wall.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Huawei unlock

Unlocking the Huawei E173 modem/dongle

When changing the SIM card to another operator, from Telia to Comviq, the program ”Mobile Partner” demanded an unlock code. There was a prompt with ”Unlock the data card”. After some investigation, Google with ”unlock huawei dongle free”, I found a site.

Link to unlock tool

Here You could get the 8 digit unlock code without downloading any software. Just put in the IMEI number, klick on submit and You will have the unlock code.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Huawei E173 and Mac

When installing an access router in the boat I chose the Dovado Pro AC, Dovado Products. One thing was that it uses 12VDC and an other that it can connect to a neighboring 2.4/5GHz WiFi network via SpotBoost®

For many years we have used Telia, Sweden, as a broadband-supplier and for several years ago, as backup, we also got a Huawei E173 modem, which i would like to use with the router. For some months ago I phoned Telia suport since the modem no longer ”talked” to my Mac OS X 10.11, El Capitan. The supplied software didn’t work anymore. The answer from the support was that the support for this modem was terminated.

Despite their statement there is a working software called ”Mobile Partner” which seems ?? to work with all Huawei modems

Link to the software

Otherwise just Google "Huawei Mobile Partner"