Monday, 15 August 2016

ST NG software update

Updating the software for the ST1 to ST NG converter, Raymarine E22158
The easiest way to find the right software is to visit -Support -Software updates 
And for this case then -Networking -Seatalk NG converter
Since we have an E 120 just I click on the link for E series Classic and the software will be downloaded.
Open up the folder where the software "landed"

and just move the to files, A713_201.PKG och autorun.dob to an empty CompactFlash Card and then the instructions from Raymarine
  1. Power OFF the MFD.
  2. Please make sure SeaTalkNG is connected to both the product to be upgraded, and the MASTER Multifunction Display (MFD), and that all are powered before starting the update procedure.
  3. Insert the CF memory card containing the PKG product software update file, and the relevant Autorun file/s into the MFD’s memory card reader.
  4. Power ON the MFD.
  5. After the MFD has booted to its Raymarine Software Upgrade Utility screen, select the software upgrade package from the Upgrade Packages Available list.
  6. Press the UPGRADE REMOTE UNIT function key.
  7. Press the UPGRADE REMOTE UNIT ON ST2 (It may also say STNG depending on the current version of software you are using).
  8. Use the Trackpad to highlight the unit you wish to update and press the UPGRADE UNIT softkey.
  9. When the progress indicator's Overall bar reaches 100%, the Device's software will have been upgraded.
  10. Remove the CF memory card from the MFD's memory card reader.
  11. Power cycle the whole system.
The picture is showing the first screen when booting up with the upgrade flash card inserted.

After the upgrade it is easy to confirm, in my case via the Garmin display, that the update is OK, which is shown at right in the picture

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