Thursday, 22 September 2016

Reclosable Fastener, Velcro

I think there is many people like me that don't like to make new holes in their boat, so 3M have made a fantastic solution, Dual Lock, that in many use cases solves the problem.

Its a type of Velcro but there is no male/female part. Both parts are same

Many of the interior panels in our boat is attached with this fastener.

One application was that we wanted to hang the nice George Jensen gauges on the bulkhead/wall but, as said, didn't want to make any new screw holes. The solution was to make a mahogany plate with the screws and then attach the plate with Dual lock to the wall. In order to have the plate close to the wall a cavity was made on the backside of the plate. The cavity was made with a router.

The nameplates are also attached to the boat with Dual Lock


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