Sunday, 14 August 2016

NMEA2000 GPS added

Adding a NMEA2000 GPS and add an additional cable to E120

So what happens when You add a NMEA2000, N2K, GPS to the network ?

Nothing much actually. No conflicts. The E120 is still "hocked" on the old Raymaring RS125 GPS and the Garmin GMI 10/20 shows the info from the new NME2000 GPS with some additional data compared to the old GPS.

The chosen GP:s is Garmin GPS 17X because it was on sale for just 20 €.  It is mounted behind the instrument panel.

The picture shows the GPS at the right and the ST converter in the upper part

I also pick up the N2K data from the two Volvo Penta D6, 2006, and display this info on the E120:s. After a dialogue with Raymarine the only way to do this is to attach the Seatalk 2, ST2, interface on the E120, to the N2K network. Neither the NMEA0183 nor the ST1 interface supports this engine messages.

So for this update I also purchased a Mareton cabel MARE-005 which is specially made for this purpose.

Link to the updated N2K network.

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