Sunday, 7 August 2016

USB charger

The boat is equipped with Berker switches and sockets. In the master cabin the outlets in the picture are placed at the end of the bed so its a god place to charge a mobile phone. You could use a charger with the cigarett socket but its nicer with a USB outlet

One way is to use the original Berker but it is both pretty expensive, just outputs 1 Ampere and have only one output.

Link to one supplier, SVB

The other way is to by a USB outlet, art no 43-221, from Biltema, or similar shop.

Link to supplier Biltema

Its cheap, just 7€, outputs 2,1 Ampere and have 2 outlets.

Dismantle the socket from the wall and take away the steel cylinder. Expand the hole with a rasp so the new USB socket fits and mount it to the frame. Attach the cables and mount the charger to the wall.

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