Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Empty the water system

Empty the fresh water system with compressed air !!

One of the things, when You head back to land with the boat, is to empty the fresh water system. I have got several instructions/tips over the years but the best advise I got is to empty the pipework with compressed air.

Some time ago I bought a handy Stanly compressor from Jula. Just below 10 Kg in weight including a 6 liter tank. Nice for smaller works

So how do You connect the compressor to the pipe works ?
On our boat the pipework is made with Whale System 15 so I built an adaptor with;
  • 1 meter Whale 15 tube
  • Standard connector with 3/8"
  • 3/8" adaptor from the Whale 15 system
So now it is very simple to just disconnect the pump from the system and instead connect, via the adaptor, the compressor to the pipe works.

Now its just to start the compressor and go around in the boat and open the taps one by one so all the water goes away.

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