Saturday, 15 April 2017

Homebridge update installation on RPi

Updated 2017-10-24 !

Raspberry Pi update

Update the Raspberry Pi OS, after You logged on to the RPi, with;

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get clean

Razberry update

If You have installed the Razberry Daughter card check the current software version on the Razberry WEB-site.

If You need to update just run the installation command

wget -q -O - | sudo bash 

Check updates

npm outdated -g --depth=0
Package                   Current  Wanted  Latest  Location

homebridge-telldus          0.0.9   0.0.9   1.0.3

Node update 

To check the current Homebridge version use 

npm list -g homebridge-telldus
└── homebridge-telldus@0.0.9 

Checking the current Node version use

node -v

Please note that the latest version of the Telldus plugin, V1.x.x, demands Node 8.3 or greater so if You are still on Node 6.x You first have to upgrade Node with

curl | sudo bash
sudo apt-get install nodejs

Checking the log after the Node update there where some failures so reinstalling Homebridge solved it.

sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge

Global update 

If You followed my earlier plugin instructions, use the npm update command

sudo npm update -g

The upgrade will at the end show something like this

├── homebridge@0.4.29
├── homebridge-telldus@0.0.9  (git+
├── homebridge-zway@0.5.0-rc0
├── node-gyp@3.6.0
└── npm@5.5.1

Selective update

OR do a selective update with respective package if You want to decide the version Yourself. For Telldus

sudo npm install -g homebridge-telldus@0

and so on....

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