Saturday, 13 May 2017

Weather34 install at WEB hotel

Updated 2018-06-19 !

Prerequisites is listed in the beginning of this post for installation on Raspberry Pi(RPi)

You will find a migration from WeatherLink 1.0 to WeatherLink 2.0 in this post

Hosted installation

In this guide I will use Loopia as an example but other hosts schould be similar

In our case we have created a subdomain which is used for the W34 application

In the root of the subdomain a folder, named "public_html" , is created by the host and this is the webserver document root.

Download all the W34 files, Cumulus version, to Your Mac/PC and unzip them.

Use an FTP client, Filezilla ?, and log on to Your FTP account at the Host.

Transfer the W34 folder, "CU-X7", to Your host and put it in parallel to the "public_html" folder. If You want W34 to run at root level !!!! Se picture

(Otherwise transfer the "CU-X5" folder inside the "public_html" and then for example rename it to "pws".)

Rename "public_html" to "public_html_old"

Rename "CU-X7" to "public_html"

Check the application at Your host adress, and make the configuration at ""

Create a folder named "add_on" in Your Mac/PC

Download/fork the files, "cumulusdata.php" and "realtime.templ", from Github and place them in the "add_on" folder. (The online file "realtime.txt" will be created by the program)

Edit the PHP file, "cumulusdata.php", so that the 3 records in the beginning of the program

$wlink_user = "XXXX"; 
$wlink_pass = "YYYY";
$wlink_apiToken = "ZZZZ";

uses Your credentials to log on to WL

FTP the "add_on" folder to the host and place it in the "public_html" folder

Change the authority for folder "chartswudata" and the files in it to 755

Add a cron job at the host, check picture. 
URL example;

This job will get the data, every 5 minutes, from WL and create/update the online file "realtime.txt"

If Your host don't supports cronjobs You could use an external free service like where You register the URL
to be executed up to every minute. (WL will update at most every minute.)

Run the "easyweathersetup.php" again and update the path to the new online file.
In the section "Software Type & Path to Data file" choose 
  • "Data Type" => "cumulus" 
  • "Your Path to data file" => "add_on/realtime.txt"  
Now You should be up and running at and You can check the timestamp, after the cronjob has run, in the single record in the "add_on/realtime.txt" file.

Please note;
  • Trend values, temperature and pressure, will take up to 2 hours before they are OK.
  • Wind run and daily max wind will be correct after a day shift
Update W34

When You update/replace W34 to a new version, save
  • ”settings1.php” so You don't have to use "easyweathersetup.php" again 
  • "add_on" folder with included files
  • "menu.php" if You have added own Menu rows
Please also check the remarks at the bottom of RPi installation post.


  1. Hello,

    I would like to use this system, but the W34 website is down. Do you have some mirror?

  2. Hi! Check this out....