Friday, 21 July 2017

OpenPlotter, NMEA data FROM file

          Updated 2018-02-01 !

To test Openplotter, (OP), together with OpenCPN,(OC), without connecting to the navigation network on board there are two features 
  • Using the NMEA generators, found in the OP "Tools" menu 
  • Use log files which are stored within the SignalK application.
The generators are explained in the documentation and here will be a description how to use the log files from OP 

Connect to the Rpi.

As said before SignalK, SK, is the engine in OP so we start with terminating that process so we can redirect SK to the log files.

Open a Terminal window "Application menu => Accessories => Terminal" and type 

pkill -f signalk-server

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

OpenPlotter quick install guide

Updated 2017-10-15 !

OpenPlotter is;
  • A complete boat navigation system
  • Includes OpenCPN, Chart plotter navigation
  • OpenSource, so it's free !
  • Running on Raspberry Pi
  • Its hardware is cheap
  • Running on Unix, so its reliable
  • It comes with NOOBS(New Out Of Box Software) which makes it very simple to install
Its also a compilation of several other nice software which makes it a fantastic package for additional functions.

The Openplotter WEB-site, the nice forum with active people and god documentation makes it almost easy, but if You are a newbie to both OpenPlotter(OP) and OpenCPN(OC), as I was, it can be to much.....